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Vast Differences between DHA and ALA Omega 3's

What consumers need to know...

At SalmonFacts.org we know a thing or two about farmed salmon

It seems that we are constantly bombarded with the benefits of consuming omega 3 fatty acids to improve our health and that of our children. More and more research has been conducted suggesting that consuming DHA omega 3’s can help contribute to overall good health with documented improvements in children's neurological development as well as reducing the risk of death from sudden heart attacks. As a result we now can purchase all sorts of products that have added omega 3's including eggs and mayonnaise. Consumers should understand that many of these products are not adding DHA Omega 3's like those found in farmed salmon, but ALA's which are plant based and not fish oil based. Consumers should know the difference since they may not understand the vast difference in these fatty acids. According to www.dhaomega3.org, the DHA/EPA Omega 3 Institute, DHA is the omega-3 fatty acid that is now widely recognized as the physiologically-essential nutrient in the brain for normal functioning of neural tissue (including cognitive performance, learning ability, memory, etc) and in the retina of the eye for visual acuity. Almost all the omega-3 fatty acid found in brain tissue, where it is required for structure-function relationships, is in the form of DHA with other omega-3 fatty acids such as ALA being found only in trace amounts regardless of dietary intakes of ALA. To ensure consumption of DHA Omega 3 fatty acids is easy Eat More Farmed Salmon! Read more on the differences here.

A BLOG worth reading

At SalmonFacts.org we know a thing or two about farmed salmon

I come across hundreds of BLOGS that range from hobbyiest to professional bloggers trying to bombard the internet with often one sided and agenda driven information. Unfortunately our busy schedules do not afford us the time to comment on some of these "nonsense" based blogs so I decided to keep tabs on the ones that I feel deserve attention. Check out this blog www.alaskasalmonranching.wordpress.com By the title you would think it is a "pro wild salmon blog" that we have become accustomed to reading on the world wide web so why even bother to read more of the same. It was refreshing to learn of how different this blog is and how it provides facts about our industry and attempts to expose those that habitually attack and critique it. Our time is precious but this is truly a BLOG worth reading. So take the time and post a comment! Click to check out www.alaskasalmonranching.wordpress.com

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Our "Taste of Success" chef contest has started off to be a great success with videos submitted by aspiring culinary students from Le Cordon Bleu Schools in north America.
All of these students have worked hard on their unique recipes and videos featuring ocean farmed salmon.

Visit the link below and remember to cast your vote before April 13, 2009. Remember you can only vote for one student per email address.


Good luck choosing since they are all great.
The contest is raising awareness about our industry while providing the opportunity to win prizes and scholarship money. The traffic to our websites has never been higher with a peak interest in recipes and cooking ideas. Thank you for your continued support and the best of luck to all the students.