Salmon of the Americas Launches Two New and Improved Websites

Consumer Site:
Since 2003 SOTA has provided consumers and retailers with useful and beneficial information on the many health benefits of consuming one of the best proteins available; farmed salmon. Our members continue to support SOTA’s efforts to educate the public about the truth about the salmon farming industry while providing timely and accurate data, cooking tips, recipes and up to date medical studies that continue to demonstrate how farmed salmon contributes to overall good health.

The site has been revamped to contain new recipes that include beautiful pictures, plate presentations that enhance any dinner party and a blog that chats about the latest cooking techniques, diet and nutrition and year round availability for a great center of the plate. Visit our new site at

Issues & Facts Site:
Additionally, SOTA has enhanced its retailer site that includes detailed information on salmon aquaculture, sustainability, brochures, statistics, medical data and an on line clearing house that includes press releases and news stories providing clarity to the often misleading information printed against our industry. Visit our site at

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Downloadable Recipe Book

SOTA's improved consumer website focuses on providing "chic" recipes that include beautiful pictures of prepared salmon making any dinner party a success or a week night dinner a breeze. Download your recipe book now and remember to vote for your favorite recipe or include your own in our new active blog.