Salmon of the America’s Promotes New Blog

At we know a thing or two about farmed salmon

Salmon of the Americas, recently announced that it has launched a blog to generate further awareness of the facts behind farmed salmon. In addition to offering a wealth of information about salmon farming and the benefits of farmed salmon consumption, the blog,, also serves as an interactive forum to set the record straight on the industry and its operations. Click to read the entire article...

SOTA’s Taste of Success Chef Contest

Your favorite farmed salmon association, SOTA is getting ready to launch its first chef contest for culinary students enrolled in a national culinary school to win scholarships, culinary tools, and grocery gift cards while creating some of the best farmed salmon recipes. The first annual chef contest will include participants in Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida and Georgia. The winners will be selected based on the popularity and votes received on their submitted recipes. Everyone is welcomed to cast their vote on the recipes and the chefs in training. The chef contest will take place in February and contestants can learn more by logging on to to sign up today. SOTA and its members is looking forward to the contest and hopes to create more awareness on the many health benefits of farmed salmon and the ease of preparing a center of the plate that everyone can enjoy! For more information please log on to

Madonna's salmon 'retox'

At we know a thing or two about farmed salmon

Madonna has embarked on a January 'retox' regime, involving eating huge quantities of "age-defying" salmon and sticking to an intensive cardio gym programme, in a bid to "knock 12 years off her appearance". The 50-year-old singer is so determined to make herself look younger she has enlisted the help of health experts who have devised a new programme for her packed with the oily fish. According to the star “My top three fish are salmon at number one, sea bass at two and sardines are third.” To read the full story click... Click here to read the full story...