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Omega-3 Increases Girl Brain Power
Recipe of the Month: Seared Salmon
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  Our mission to promote ocean-farmed salmon as a wonderful protein will focus on educating consumers by providing real facts based on research and studies conducted by impartial organizations. No hype, no propaganda only soft-spoken truths. Join us by subscribing to our newsletter and most importantly learn the facts about ocean-
farmed salmon.

Both higher fish consumption and longer breastfeeding are linked to better physical and cognitive development in infants, according to a study of mothers and infants from Denmark. Maternal fish consumption and longer breastfeeding were independently beneficial. CLICK TO READ MORE
Doctors have always favored fish-rich diet. Various studies from time to time have confirmed the faith of doctors in nutritional and medicinal properties of fish diet. The two latest researches have proved the usefulness of Omega-3 acids, found in oily fish like salmon. READ MORE
After several survey’s conducted on consumers it was concluded that seafood lover’s want to learn new ways to cook and prepare salmon. Salmon can be enjoyed in a variety of ways and Salmon of the America’s has compiled new recipes that are easy to prepare, versatile for the entire family and sophisticated enough for the finickiest of palates.
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