Salmon ocean farming is a safe and eco-friendly answer to the worldwide demand for fresh salmon year-round. The farming industry goes to great lengths to protect the environment and natural sea life from any negative impacts.

Raising Ocean-Farmed Salmon

Ocean-farmed salmon are raised in a complex, eco-friendly and humane way. Learn the complicated steps of raising ocean-farmed salmon—beginning at the hatchery and ending at your table. Given the numerous health benefits of salmon and the demand for fresh fish, ocean salmon farms have grown tremendously over the past decade. While many people buy and eat ocean-farmed salmon, many aren’t familiar with the processes that go into producing fresh fish year-round.

Salmon Hatcheries

Salmon hatcheries include complex operations such as the gathering of eggs and egg fertilization. It generally takes between 12 to 18 months from when the eggs are fertilized until the juvenile salmon leave the hatchery for the ocean farms.

Fish Development

Once the eggs have been fertilized and hatched, the juvenile salmon, or fry, are sorted into tanks where they are closely monitored. Sorting ensures that each fry has plenty of space to grow, and the water is monitored to ensure optimal conditions for growth.

Ocean Farms

Young salmon are grown in freshwater for a period between half a year to over one year. The salmon are then released into net pens in the ocean (typically 100 meters across and 30 feet deep) where they are reared into adulthood.

Farm Maintenance

Typically, ocean farms have divers who monitor the cages weekly to repair nets and check on the status of the fish. High density polyethylene polar circles protect the salmon and nets from storms and predators, while also minimizing escapes.

Harvesting Salmon

Within about 18 months of living in the ocean farms, salmon reach their harvest size. The entire harvesting process is designed to ensure high quality, fresh salmon. Once salmon are harvested at the farms, they’re quickly shipped to the processing plant.

To the Table

Distribution centers receive fresh salmon and carefully deliver it to stores and restaurants to ensure freshness. This efficient process of delivering ocean-farmed salmon year-round from the hatchery to the table has contributed to the growing demand for salmon around the world.

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