Salmon of the Americas Inc.
Response The Miami Herald
By: Monte Reel, Washington Post Foreign Service
Dated: December 17, 2007, Page 8

Miami, Florida - December 17, 2007 - The farmed salmon industry in Chile and in other places in the world has brought a lot of development and wealth to areas that have been historically poster gated to the possibilities of a better life and bigger opportunities to raise their children. The rate of unemployment is the smallest in the country and the wages are amongst the highest.

These are the official facts that can be retrieved from the official sources available from the Chilean government.

On the contrary, the environmental information given by the NGO’s listed in the article expressing that “new algae are observed now” or that the standards of companies in Chile are lower than in other countries, lack of all base and are not supported by any official or scientific data whatsoever. In fact the relation between algae growth or appearance and the presence of salmon farming is not demonstrated in any scientific paper that has gone through a formal peer review as part of the scientific method for publications that are accepted in the scientific community.

The development of a country as Chile that now is reaching an average of US$ 10.000 per capital and that 20 years ago was in US$ 2.500 per capita has a lot to go through yet. Chile has shown a big deal of improvement and compromise to go as fast as possible improving the quality of life of our people and respecting the environment wherever possible. Salmon farming can be one of those examples and where also there are plenty of things to improve, but we see much more achieved and developed than what has been reflected in the article. In representation of the Chilean Salmon industry we invite you to visit our country and industry as soon as you can. What has been done in a bit more than 20 years, is impossible to put it in one page.

It is important to note that our association has responded to the original article published by The Washington Post on December 2, 2007.

Salmon of the Americas Inc. (SOTA) is a U.S. based non-profit association of U.S., Chilean, and Canadian salmon farming companies. Its mission is to promote the many health benefits of eating salmon.


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Dated: December 17, 2007
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