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Fishing for a Healthy Mind? Look No Further than Ocean Farmed Salmon

August 18th, 2009

(Syndicated News) Despite the miraculous advancements that take place on a yearly basis in the field of medicine, the human body continues to defy science in ways that leave experts shaking their heads in frustration. Take, for example, the current state of mental health in America. Are there medications designed to treat problems such as degenerative tissue diseases, brain chemical imbalances and memory loss? Of course. Are such drugs always as effective as promised? Not quite. What has proven consistently reliable in the medical field, however, are nutrition-based solutions, and it’s something that Salmon of the Americas ( spokesperson Laura McNaughton is proud to be associated with.
“Recent studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids are not only essential for human health, but are a key component in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease,” says McNaughton. “When it comes to potent sources of omega-3, nothing tops fish — especially farmed salmon.”
Of particular interest to scientists is docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) — a group of omega-3 acids readily found in salmon. DHA has been shown to not only lead to better heart health, but to prevent the development of harmful brain plaques commonly associated with Alzheimer’s disease. Harvard University studies have also shown that pregnant women who consume such fatty acids are likely to increase the intellectual development of their unborn children.
“Farmed salmon is brain food,” says McNaughton. “In fact, experts are now advising individuals to consume fish at least one to two times per week in order maximize the benefits of omega-3 intake. As summarized in a recent study from the Harvard School of Public Health, ocean farmed salmon has the highest level of omega-3 fatty acids per serving of all fish. With research showing farmed salmon to be superior to wild salmon in terms of omega-3 content, the choice is clear from a consumer-interest standpoint.”

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