Sea lice and the effect on wild salmon

Sea lice and the effect on wild salmon is a significant public concern when it comes to salmon farming. As the out-migration period for wild juvenile salmon is soon to happen, our members would like to share with you what they are doing to manage sea lice. Read the full report (PDF download.)

Get the Facts About Greenpeace’s Campaign

Greenpeace is launching a campaign against U.S. Retailers that do not adhere to their recommended seafood list as supported by the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch List. Salmon of the Americas Inc. is involved in the counter measures that have been taken by our colleagues at the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) and would like to provide our members with factual data in effort to educate their customers and strengthen our defense against Greenpeace and other NGO's. Click here to learn more »

Response to Negligent Falsehoods by the NY Times

Read the Letter (PDF download)

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